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Not gonna lie. Lol. My one piece that got reported was one of my favorite works. Its a shame it got taken down. I know a few of you really enjoyed it. Just sucks that someone thought it was too inappropriate. At least I still have it saved in my phone gallery though. If anyone is interested in a copy of it so they can still view it, send me a note and I'll try getting back to you. In case if anyone was wondering what it was, it was the Midnight Waterworks. God, I loved that piece. I spent a good time on that. Sighhhh. Its not gonna stop me from making more though. Ahahaha. Have a good day, everyone. Its off to work for me.
Too Damn Early
"Why couldn't we go later? Like noon or even two? We have all day for this."

"My favorite store was having a sale this morning. I just couldn't resist!"

"You didn't have to bring me along though."

"If I wouldn't have, you wouldn't be getting any spiffy gifts. Like that watch you're wearing, now would you, silly fox? And besides, I take you everywhere with me. ❤"

"...It is a nice a watch."
Man, It sucks working on a phone sometimes. I would love to start making comics, short or long, but having such a small canvas makes it extremely difficult to fit it all in. Let alone the app I'm using isn't exactly professional. Sigh. I need a drawing tablet. Or a least a larger surface to draw on. But after learning that you mostly have to have a computer to work with, I've become uninterested. I need something portable. So many ideas I have that can't turn into reality. There's always paper and pencil but eh.
Movie Night
Quick doodle. I've been absent too long. I was missing everyone. Heh. Its not the best piece but it will do for now.

Just been so busy with work. Its hard to stay motivated when I come home late. Anyway, here ya go. Anyone guessing the movie they're watching? ;)
I assure you all that I am still alive. Work has been taking its hold on me for some time now making it hard to get drawings in. Plus, getting stuck playing an old favorite video game of mine hasn't been helping either. I'll be returning with new pieces shortly.
I'm a bit tipsy. Thought I'd try out writing a tiny thing of Nick and Judy's first time. 😏 I don't write a lot. For maaaaany reasons. My vocabulary isn't great along with other things. Be easy, please! I have no idea what I'm doing. Sorry for flaws. 😅

"Are you scared?"
"..." Judy didn't say anything. Her ears fell slightly, hovering a bit. Her wide illuminating eyes blinked in the dim moonlight that strewn across the sheets of the bed from the window. It was quiet. He heard her shallow breathing and the thudding beat of her heart. She was nervous. Of course. But so was he. No doubt about it. She carefully crawled toward him on all fours. Her lips parted a bit, small breaths escaping through. He spread his knees wider letting the bunny gain access as she inched towards him. Her paw brushed against his thigh as she made her way up his long body. She stopped when her nose was a few inches from his muzzle. His nose twitched as he smelt her powerful scent. She leaned over his body, a tiny tremble running down her back. Her fur rose. She could feel the the heat rise from her cheeks.
"Are you sure you want to?" He went on. His eyes were locked on hers. He sat there motionless, waiting for her.
He heard her swallow.
"I do." She said quietly. "Do you?"
He nodded slowly, his eyebrows furrowed together. He wanted to touch her. But he waited...
She gently rested her bottom atop of his lower torso and straightened her back. Her amethyst eyes glued to his emerald gems, she shakily grabbed the length of her shirt and raised it up over her furry belly in a quick tug. He reached for her then. His fingerpads brushing against her thick fur. He stroked the velvet up to her breast as she raised the shirt up and over her head. She trembled again as his paws grabbed a thick tuft of her softly. This time more than the first. Shivered all the way to her legs that straddled him. He felt it. She let out a tiny sigh. She couldn't help but grabbing his paw after she tossed the shirt to the side as he tried sliding it up to grasp her neck. She was so small to him. She closed her eyes and stroked the length of his arm that carrassed the fur around her collar. His thumb traced the fur of her throat lightly. Then slowly fell, his claws brushing against her as he made his way down her waist.
"You are so beautiful...I'll never leave you, you know..., my precious little bunny."
Her eyes fluttered open. The look on his admiring face was enough to make her want to cry with joy.

K. That's it for now I suppose. Too tired to do any more. Needs more detail. Tad boring. Its definitely not "good" and its pretty short. Haha. But anywaaaaay, Criticism is welcome. Tell me what to do here. 😁
But right now, I shall sleep. Ugh. So sleepy.


RareWhoRoastBeast's Profile Picture
Brittany Danielle Barrett
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo, I'm Brittany.
I sometimes go by Britt Dan Barr for short if I'm not using my other name RareWhoRoastBeast.

As you can obviously tell, I draw mostly Zootopia fan art. And I fucking love it. Don't know what made me get into it so much but it just kinda happened. I used to draw weird stuff back in the day. I do every now and then but I'm mostly stuck with drawing the fox and rabbit.
I try to upload as much as I can.

Enjoy, you fucks.

Lol. Just kitten. Meow.
I love you.
Have a good one.


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You're doing wonderful in your drawings. The lewd and not so lewd. Your pencil sketches and digital art is breath taking every time I go through your gallery (I think it's every time you upload I feel like going through your gallery again.). Very great art that I feel I should embrace. You have the talent and the practice so you do whatever you want and stay beautiful.
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And Happy Birthday!
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